"Who I Am" by Sarah King: meeting of the souls

Published on September 10 2013


How long does it take two people to meet and merge together into a musical symbiosis?

In the case of India-based British singer Sarah King and French musician Laurent Danis, it only took five minutes on the lonely and rocky top of Mount Arunachala, a meeting place in the hot region of Tamil Nadu for weary travelers migrating from northern India. A quick discussion that could have led nowhere if they didn't have a friend in common who invited Sarah on vacation in the south of France, only a few kilometers away from where Laurent lives.

Both songwriters for years, both in search of inspiration, it was the right place at the right time. Sarah was in a place where she was slowly losing faith in her songwriting, and Laurent gave her a whole new approach. He insisted on hearing her demos: the tracks were low quality, but he was instantly struck by the melancholic and joyful introspective lyrics, and such a beautiful voice…

He came back two days later with instrumental ideas, and right away they started recording what would become Who I Am, currently on Jamendo. The result is an excellent combination of jazz and folk: the meeting between Laurent Danis' soft, relaxing guitar, his gentle picking carrying the soothing voice of Sarah King, all led by the soulful lyrics she had written, dealing with the distance experienced by those who have lived away from their roots.


The duo takes us on the dusty roads and trails of southern India, on a journey to discover the charm and pure sweetness found in "Soldier Boy," "Prayer," "Rise In Love", small minimalist pearls, in some ways similar to some ballads by Norah Jones. As a matter of fact, Norah Jones also has her roots in India (her father was the great Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar). The sub-continent is a confirmed source of inspiration and exchange between cultures, for all those who seek individuality and change.

Article in collaboration with Laurent Danis, and Nicola Tenani from Sounds Behind The Corner -  http://www.soundsbehindthecorner.org

Written by The Jamendo Team

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