Do you really know what trip hop music is?

Published on August 9 2007

Let's go on with these little reviews of artists registered on Jamendo from different countries from all around the world but who claim to play the same kind of music.

After 'Ska' music comes 'trip hop' music. Trip hop was born in the 90's in Bristol, England, when American hip hop was taking over Europe's music industry. British DJs decided to put a local touch to that international phenomenon and give hip hop a different style, signaling the beginning of trip hop music.

In Bristol, discoverers such as Massive Attack developed hip hop with a laid-back beat (down tempo). Bristol hip hop (trip hop's predecessor) is characterized by the emphasis on slow and heavy drum beats and a wide open sound that takes inspiration on acid jazz, Jamaican dub music and electronic music.

Here is a little playlist of artists registered on Jamendo (from Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Italy and France) who play 'trip hop' music differently.

Remember that it is very easy to integrate such a widget into your blog. Just create your playlist thanks to the Jamendo popup player, click on the “widget for blogs” link on the bottom and then just copy the given HTML code and paste it where you want to make the player available. Now it's up to you to share your favourite artists with whoever you want.

Written by amelie