Charles Manson under CC

Published on April 11 2008


Charles Manson, 73 years old, multi recidivist criminal, has released his last album under Creative Commons licence. This project untitled “One Mind” has been recorded in the Corcoran State Prison (California) where he's imprisoned for 38 years. It's the eleventh time that his freedom request has been refused. He has been known at th end of the sixties by commissioning many murders via “The Family” sectarian movement which he was leading.

These brutal murders had strongly shocked the United States and put Charles Manson in centre of the mediatic sphere. His fame has survived through multiple books, reports and movies. He has also inspired many bands like Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails or Ozzy Osbourne.

As Charles Manson has extremist convictions we have decided not to edit his album. However you can find it freely downloadable on Lime Wire website.

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