Published on May 21 2008

Jamendo’s launch into the UK market started with an on-street marketing campaign at Brighton’s Great Escape Music Festival. The industry-focused event attracts more the 10,000 attendees every year. 50 Jamendo branded Punters (the 'Purple Army') were sent out on to the streets of Brighton, attending numerous gigs throughout the town during the three days of the festival. The high visibility campaign was to highlight attention for Jamendo and its platform by offering Free Punter Passes to Free Music advocates and lovers of the live gig circuit…. namely students! Under instruction to infiltrate the gig going masses, the Jamendo Punters handed out ‘winning’ scratch cards inviting festival attendees to visit www.jamendo.co.uk for FREE and LEGAL MUSIC DOWNLOADS.

Over the course of the three days, the Jamendo Punters partied in the spirit of the event, customising their Punter T-shirts and attracting much attention from not just festival delegates and regular punters but also from the general public at large.

Jamendo highlights the best of its British artists that audiences can discover and enjoy on www.jamendo.co.uk


“Razorsharp machete beats, these electro terrorists have been exploding NME’s head all week” NME “- a spaced-out, menacing melange of super-freak surrealism that’s deadlier than a fly-swatter. Buzzin’.” The Fly www.jamendo.com/en/artist/flykkiller

Ruth Theodore

“Ruth’s ability to paint vivid pictures in your imagination is unparalleled in contemporary mainstream music.” - God Is In The TV “What we have here is an outrageously talented singer-songwriter” - Louder Than War www.jamendo.com/en/artist/Ruth_Theodore

The Modern Fighting Vehicles

“Stylistically, The MFV go big on guitars and straddle both dance/electronica and rock, and are working on developing a sound that no-one else has.” Phil Jackson – BBC South Live www.jamendo.com/en/artist/The_Modern_Fighting_Vehicles

The Kazoo Funk Orchestra

An alternative indie pop collective from Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in 2005 during a finger painting session attended by chief songwriters Little Beard and Big Beard. They take inspiration from various artists and genres, creating a unique mesh of indie, pop, rock and hip-hop. www.jamendo.com/en/artist/kfunk


It’s 2008, and the location is Staines, West London. A small outpost in this low-rise wasteland of industrial units, reservoirs and aircraft hangars has finally been noticed by meejahland through the patronage of its most famous resident Ali G and the post-clash soul sensation that is known as Hard-Fi. Richard Archer and the boys constantly reference the town they grew up in as it’s all they have. Pimped up Peugeots, drum n’ bass rude boys and the incessant whistling of dump valves and jet engines from beyond the reservoir at Terminal 4. www.jamendo.com/en/artist/Beatsix

The Heavens

A blend of British & American psychedelia, rock & roll and 90’s britrock. Their main influences include The Beatles, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bob Dylan, The Byrds and Syd Barrett. www.jamendo.com/en/artist/The_Heavens


Inspired by the counter-culture of the late 80’s Tory Britain, from smoke-filled grimy pubs with run down toilets through the blissed out drug-fueled 90’s, into the clubs, ears bleeding, broken relationships, from rundown bedsits, rented properties to impromptu weekend parties, Whitestar finally opened its mouth, screaming from the rooftops in late 2003. www.jamendo.com/en/artist/Whitestar


Starting in 2000 with an improvised black-metal album, which was created in 6 days on a dilapidated cassette-tape fourtrack. Since way back then, technology has infiltrated Xihilisk and gradually it has transformed from hyper-experimental hostility, to a more uniformed and focused sound. www.jamendo.com/en/artist/xihilisk

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