Cool label alert!

Published on June 26 2008

More and more independent labels choose to post their productions on Jamendo. Fading Ways was one of the first. Founded in Toronto in 1998, its aim is to « treat artists fairly and keep them in control of their own careers », explains founder Neil Leyton. From Canada, Fading Ways' activities expanded over the years to the UK, then Finland. It is in fact a network of labels that « choose their artists locally and then feed them into the international network and our UK-based music store ». Musically, Fading Ways' roster « ranges from singer/songwriters to punk rock. The defining element is that all our artists are totally committed to what they do - it's genuine music. Not pop, but underground art », with artists such as The Singles, Turku Romantic Movement, Red Orkestra and Neil Leyton himself.

And all this music happens to be Creative Commons-licensed. Fading Ways' first CC release was Red Orkestra's debut album in 2004. « I believe we were the first label to place a CC logo and license on the back cover of our international, commercially distributed releases. » Publishing music on Jamendo was the obvious next step... Check out Fading Ways' newly published rock'n'roll compilation here.

The Fading Ways team

The Fading Ways team, from left to right: Chris McDougall (UK), Tina Siegel (Canada), Mikko Jokela (Finland), Lilli Kinnunen (Finland), Neil Leyton (international).