Paperwork Media, showing the path to the future of music

Published on July 22 2008

Paperwork Media

To be able to boast an excellent roster in different genres is a good start. To possess a clear vision of the future of the music industry is even better. Chicago-based indie label Paperwork Media has all that. And its music is on Jamendo. What more can you ask for?

Jill Katona used to work for Warner Music label Elektra Records in New York and Los Angeles. When she decided to create her own label, it was originally "out of a need that [she] saw to have more Midwestern artists stand out in the crowd". Nowadays though Paperwork Media's roster also comprises some international artists, with a grand total of nine. "We have a small roster, we release perhaps 6-8 albums per year."

Most of those artists are now on Jamendo: Jill recently uploaded a host of songs, after having been "pretty impressed" with the discovery of Jamendo. So go and check out
Leah Randazzo Group, Cavashawn, The Nadas, Brooke Miller, She Swings, She Sways, Useless Brother, Don Ross and Oneside to get an idea of the Paperwork Media sound: a mix of pop and rock, always melodic, and always high quality.

Jill runs this whole operation on her own, with the help of "5 or 6 fantastic interns every school semester". In addition to releasing albums, Paperwork Media does "a bit of everything", namely booking, licensing, publicity and promotions.

Making a living the old-fashioned way, off selling music alone, is no longer an option. "Our sole aim is to help our artists maintain long-term careers in the music industry. We're all about touring and merch, and could not care less about a top 40 single (although if that happened, we wouldn't argue). Our focus has nothing to do with sales of music, so I'm fine with music for free. As long as people still go to shows!"

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