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Published on July 24 2008

Something Chewie

It's only logical that music bloggers love Jamendo. However large (or small) their audience, music discovery enthusiasts who enjoy more than anything pointing their readers to artists they've never heard about find everything they want (and more) on Jamendo. 20-year-old Steve Eyre from Sheffield (UK) is no exception.

A computer science student, he is also the creator of Something Chewie, a music blog with a small, but growing, following. "I had been thinking about how much I loved finding new music and how I'd like to be a part of helping other people do that", he explains about starting his blog last year. "I will be the first to admit that some of my music choices are weird, but I personally feel this gives the weblog its character - sometimes you have to be a little more open to get some of the great musical finds."

Someting Chewie has about 150 songs in its archives so far. Browsing through Jamendo, Steve keeps finding more music to add to that and new artists to tell his readers about. His latest finding? French industrial rocker Fresh Body Shop – highly recommendable indeed.

"I often lost hours going through hundreds of songs and finding new and exciting artists. Often the popular albums are worth a look, but sometimes it's great to find some of the less popular albums, they can often be jewels." That's the spirit Steve!

Written by amelie

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