CC music in Hollywood !

Published on August 5 2008

It doesn't happen every day that major Hollywood producers turn their attention to a Creative Commons-licensed artist. But it happened to Jamison Young. One of his songs was selected for the soundtrack of the movie "The X-Files : I Want To Believe", which was released worldwide late July. Young publishes his folky, acoustic songs under Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo, but he has nevertheless found a very lucrative way to make money from them.
Originally from Australia, Jamison Young is now mostly based in Prague, Czech Republic. Though he has been writing, performing and recording songs for a while, he was only able to get his career going within the last five years.
You can go and check out Jamison's work here. The song you can hear in the X-Files movie is "Memories Child".

Read our interview of Jamison Young here.

Jamison Young

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