Emorej, representing the Philippines on Jamendo

Published on August 11 2008

He is the only artist from the Philippines present on Jamendo so far, with an electro sound that's anything but typical of his country's scene. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Emorej.


Jerome Llama is his real name. He lives in Quezon City, vicino a Manila, making music on his computer « as a hobby, hoping to be 'discovered' », he says. A self-taught musician, Jerome, like many home studio amateurs, combines various styles and influences very freely, from rock to drum'n'bass to reggae, « almost any genre of music », but the final result is essentially electronic.

Which is not the way to go if you're aiming for instant success amid the Filipino music scene. « There are lots of independent bands here that usually play western-influenced rock. Rnb, hip-hop and the usual US top 40 hits are also big, as well as cover bands and lounge singers. You will find a lot of filipino singers and musicians in clubs all over the world. »
As for Emorej, he is happy « just posting [his] songs on the internet ». The electronic scene is still burgeoning in the Philippines, with « not much electronica played on the radio ». Which is why he is keen to get his music heard outside of the country. « Jamendo is a good opportunity to introduce my music to Europe and the rest of the world. » He recently posted a new album. Go and check it out here.


Written by amelie

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