Painting, blogging, using Jamendo: a Malaysian mix

Published on August 20 2008

Ching Teoh is a Malaysian painter. When she needed music for a video presenting her technique, she naturally turned to Jamendo.

She's 37 and runs a picture framing shop with her husband on the island of Penang, in northern Malaysia. On her blog, Ching Teoh posts regularly about “[her] new paintings, [her] thoughts, [her] findings on the internet and [her]  travels.” One day, she made a video showing off her particular technique of painting over plaster-like paste and needed music to go with it. People on a forum had introduced her to Jamendo some time earlier, so she logged in and looked for an suitable track (which ended up being “Old Portrait” by Madjan), to accompany her images, putting to good use the magic of Creative Commons freedom.

“I like jazz, solo guitar, mostly soft music”, she explains about her musical choice, hoping that the video can help bring some attention to her work. “I don't live 100% from my art yet, but I'm aiming to be able to.” In the meantime, she's been telling her music-loving friends about Jamendo, helping us in turn build our reputation in Malaysia. Thanks Ching!

Below is the video in question.

Written by amelie

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