, making the experimental accessible

Published on August 28 2008

This Berlin-based band-cum-label figures the best way to get people interested in its experimental, multidisciplinary approach to music is to give it out for free. Good, that's what Jamendo's here for.


Gruenanlage, the band, is three Berlin musicians playing some sort of electro-rock with many influences (Bauhaus, Radiohead, Einstürzende Neubauten, Joy Division, to name a few) and many guests (including actors, photographers and web designers)., the website and indie label, was created around it in 2004, “when mainstream media couldn't do anything with our work. The radios didn't play our music because it was too strange, too complex and too sophisticated, explains Marcel Weller who, in addition to playing guitar and bass, programs the drum machines, records and does mixing and mastering. However, it's nothing new to say that mainstream media does not leave much room for innovation and performance.”, a label striving to be “open to all possible forms of expression and to reach all people interested in the examination of society and the human condition”, not only features music by the band and its three members individually (Marcel Weller, Markus Wenninger and Jan Treuner), as well as Ewa Firsowicz (songwriting); it also offers other art forms, like visual performances, audio drama and even literature. Jan Treuner's new novel will be available on the website next year.

Right now, the team is busy planning concerts in the next few months for Ewa Firsowicz and Gruenanlage at which they will sell CDs. On the web on the other hand, the music is all free: “the idea is to get more publicity, and that way there are no obstacles like Gema (the German ASCAP or MCPS-PRS) to overcome while using the web as an output.” Sounds appealing? is open to “all artists with nuggets buried in their computers”...