Amduscias Records: evil forces for your ears

Published on September 16 2008

Experimental dark ambient, thirty-minute-long tracks and a hint of demonology: the productions of Amduscias Records are not destined for everyone's listening pleasure. That's just the beauty of Jamendo: there's room for all.


Tom and Holly Maggio live in Greenville, South Carolina. They created the net label Amduscias in March 2007 to release material by their own band, Turmoil. “I had the thought of how cool it was for there to be labels out there that did not want anything from the artist, explains Tom. I think the whole net label scene is there for people who love music.”

With 70 artists “from all over the globe” currently on the label and 170 releases so far, Tom and Holly certainly do love the music. But a particular kind: what you can hear from Amduscias on Jamendo (numerous albums by Turmoil, Tom's project Upheaval and Holly's project Rose Red – they even made a split EP together - more artists will be added shortly) is mostly devoid of melody, traditional song structure or even harmonies. Many albums only have one track, some of which can be half an hour long. “The label deals with any type of non commercial music. We like strange odd music, the kind of stuff you won't hear when you turn on the radio.”

If you're wondering where the label's unusual name came from, it's from Tom's “love of demonology”, Amduscias being not just any demon, but the grand duke of Hades. The nobility of the name is fitting with the label's lack of interest for money. “We don't believe in charging for music. I know for me that my music is a part of my soul and my soul is not for sale.”

Written by amelie

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