Brad Sucks? Hardly.

Published on September 17 2008

He's a favorite on Jamendo, having managed to build up a strong international following using only the web. Canadian one-man-band Brad Sucks just published his second album, a new step on a certain path to great things...

With his cheeky, disillusioned, home studio-recorded folky yet rocky songs, Brad, a 31-year-old musician from Ottawa, inevitably gets compared to Beck quite often. As much as it can be a compliment, no artist likes to be told they sound like another; but by now Brad has gotten to terms with the parallel. “It used to bother me, I took it as 'hey you're a crappy Beck impersonator with no ideas of your own!' But other musicians told me they get compared to Beck all the time also. So maybe it's the musical equivalent of 'tastes like chicken'. The guy's done so much in many different styles it's easy to compare nearly anything to something in his catalog.”

Brad Sucks

On the other hand, getting compared implies getting heard. Brad started posting demos on the internet a few years ago, then released his first album, I Don't Know What I'm Doing, at the beginning of 2007, which started getting him some attention pretty far away from home. That's even how he got around to exotic places like Jamendo: “I started selling a bunch of albums to Europeans and got some emails suggesting I put my stuff on Jamendo. After I got enough, I finally checked it out and it looked like an interesting crowd of people. Lately I've been digging Professor Kliq a lot, for example.”

Eventually, his music circulated in ways he wouldn't have imagined, ending up in ads for cars and condoms, or with “heroes of mine saying they like my music” and “artists doing well these days citing me as an inspiration. That feels awesome.”

So now would probably be a good time to take things to the next level professionally. Brad has been considering getting help with press and booking gigs. But in the meantime, he's managing everything alone, while hoping that the new album, Out Of It, makes his music income go up (he's also into web design). “I'd like to do a bit of touring in the new year but I've got to figure out if it makes sense money-wise. Other than that, I've got a lot of music I'm working on, as well as some stories and a few other things that I'm excited to get to.”

Written by amelie

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