Furiously indie, unabashedly French and staunchly guitar-driven: this is MacZde Carpate

Published on September 23 2008

Through the years, this band has become a staple of French indie rock. Their new album Bâtard will be released on 29 September. While you listen to a couple of tracks from it here (a Jamendo exclusive), read their story below.

They've been around since 1995, and Bâtard is their fourth album. Although they've recently joined Jamendo, the guys from MacZde Carpate are hardly beginners. In fact, their name is firmly established in the French independent scene, and beyond. The band has always been keen to reach out outside of its country's borders, as Maël, who plays guitar, explains: “Whenever possible, we always seized any occasion to go and play abroad. It's some kind of ideal, to be able to travel with your music and confront it to audiences outside of the French context.”

Maczde Carpate

The band tours regularly in Eastern Europe, especially in former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia), where strong ties with the local indie scenes have been established. “We also recently made a common creation with a band from Hungary, Kampec Dolores, a pillar of the alternative scene in Budapest for over 20 years, and we played it with them in Romania, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia.”

When they started out, in the French Alps city of Grenoble, MacZde Carpate were influenced by post-grunge mainstays like Kyuss, Tool and Primus for the harsh guitars and sophisticated song structures. They combined that with a will to sing in French (unlike the majority of Gallic indie bands), taking after models such as Alain Bashung and Noir Désir, both artistically well-respected and at the same time popular artists. “We came together with a desire to 'create our own style', like all young bands, to make sure each song was different and unheard, and we've since then more or less followed that line.”

A couple of tracks from their previous album Tue-Tête, released in 2006, are available on Jamendo here. The new one, Bâtard, is a double album, both live and studio. Regardless of fame and money, Maël already sees it as a success. “A year ago, it wasn't sure we'd even make another record, we were so fed up with each other after putting so much in the band for so long. But we came to terms with what we'd expected from the music business, and realized that we'd already fulfilled our ambitions, really: to be a band acknowledged for its originality and its intensity on stage, travel thanks to our music, work with other musicians, build an audience...That realization freed us from this insidious pressure in the studio we always felt before. In a way, we don't expect anything from this record. We like it, the rest will all just be a bonus.”

Maczde Carpate

Bâtard will be available for purchase on iTunes and other major online stores...




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