Jamendo gives Tracing Arcs two thumbs up

Published on October 2 2008

Tracing Arcs have become instant favorites on jamendo, rapidly gaining massive feedback and numerous listens. Two months after posting its album, the London electro-pop duet reflects on such a surge of affection giving them wings for future plans.

“It's way beyond our expectations, you know you're not alone out there!” enthuses Paul Addie, composer, keyboard player and programmer for Tracing Arcs, about the attention their album fin – Remixes and Lost Children has been receiving ever since it's been available on jamendo. “New friends, new dialogues, barriers of speech and culture demolished! We love you all!”

Started in 1994, Tracing Arcs, namely Paul Addie and vocalist Fran Kapelle, surrounded on and off by friends, plays refined, electronic, trip hop-inclined, atmospheric pop that has a lot in common with bands such as Moloko, Lamb or Smoke City. But their roots go deeper, to Miles Davis, David Sylvian (the former Japan frontman), Joni Mitchell, “and many others not afraid to stretch boundaries and test themselves”, explains Paul.

Tracing Arcs

As a band, Tracing Arcs has already had its fair share of experiences, from headlining at major venues in London to writing music for theatre and contemporary dance and performing before 6,000 people accompanied by fireworks. But with all that, they've never released an album. “The industry as it existed did not know what to do with us!” says Paul, who also adds, “to be honest, the sheer fun and ride thats happening now on jamendo is something I am particularly proud of!”

As you might have guessed, fin – Remixes and Lost Children is a revisited version of a pre-existing album. Why the uncommon decision of posting remixes as a first album on jamendo? “The original album 'fin' took three years to complete, and was a departure from the style we were known for. I felt unsure it would be publicly acceptable as it is a more intimate, personal interpretation of our songs. I just felt I would like to touch base with our 'style'. We will release 'fin' on jamendo later this year.”

In addition to that, Tracing Arcs are working on new material with the help of a few friends, have been asked to collaborate with other artists, and are interested in writing for film, “as it is a strong influence on our music”. Remember where you heard them first...