The Transisters' Italian new wave

Published on October 7 2008

This Italian four-piece revives the heritage of Joy Division, Gang Of Four and Bauhaus more than convincingly.

The Transisters

You might have seen Anton Corbijn's movie Control on the life of Joy Division. Listening to The Transisters' album, incidentally titled Under Control, will plunge you straight into that same bleak yet intense atmosphere again. Anxious beats, angular guitars and sober vocals are what these guys like.

Formed in 2005, The Transisters have kept themselves busy touring, mostly in Northern Italy, and supporting “some cool bands” such as The Raveonettes and Kaiser Chiefs. Under Control was released by a German net label, AF Music, that the band got in contact with quite simply, through MySpace. “They were impressed by our sound and we decided to work with them, explains Matteo Scarpa, the band's singer-bass player. Giving music out for free is ok for us, we don't play for money but because we love it.”

Amidst an Italian indie scene where, according to Matteo, “the average level of quality of bands is not so high”, The Transisters certainly stick out. The band is busy working on their second album at the moment, and plans a future filled with “more gigs and more good songs. We're positive about it.”

Written by amelie

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