Jamendo goes offline to support Free culture

Published on October 13 2008

Jamendo, the world's largest platform for free music downloads under Creative Commons licenses and a supporter of Free culture, is reinforcing his offline presence all over Europe.

So far in 2008, Jamendo took part in events such as The Great Escape Festival in Brighton (UK), the Feria del Disco de Música Libre in Spain, The CC Festival in Parma (Italy), and the Open Music Contest in Marburg, Germany. In the course of next few months, Jamendo is going to continue in that direction, as an illustration of its will to play a role in the world of Free culture, not just virtually but also offline, by sponsoring and supporting such events.

This Fall, Jamendo will be present at two upcoming events, in Spain and Italy.

On the 28th of October, representatives of Jamendo will take part in the oXcars. This event, set in Barcelona,is the first non-competitive awards ceremony in the cultural field. It was created to demonstrate the importance and viability of Free culture. Today, the Internet makes it possible for people to exchange information and culture horizontally and globally, the means of cultural production must adapt to this new democracy.

Moreover, Jamendo's fans will be able to enjoy a brandnew feature, 100 news radios everyday thanks to a tool developped by Barcelona Music & Audio Technologies, a firm from Catalunya specialized in audio technologies.

Just one month later, Jamendo will introduce itself at the prestigious Meeting of Independent Labels in Faenza, Italy. It will be the 12th edition of this convention that aims to represent an alternative in the Italian
music industry. With 30,000 visitors, 300 exhibitors, 300 artists, 150 journalists and 100 meetings in three days, the M.E.I. will pursue its tradition of service to Free culture on November 29th and 30th.

Jamendo is committed to showing its support to Free culture, and is open to working with independent music industries in an increasing number of territories.