Electro 101 with Professor Kliq

Published on October 16 2008

If you like your electronica versatile and introspective, you're bound to enjoy Professor Kliq's new album, published on jamendo a couple of days ago.

From his bedroom in the suburbs of Chicago, Mike Else, a mere 22 years old, has been producing fine electronic music albums for five years now. His newest release, The Scientific Method, Volume II: Experiments in Sound & Perspective picks things up from where Mike's very first album, The Scientific Method, composed while still in high school, left off. “It's different from the others in that it pushes my boundaries a little further and gets a little more experimental, but still focuses on both sides of my spectrum: slow and ambient, heavy and funky.”

A fan of the Ninja Tune and Warp rosters (Coldcut, Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Aphex Twin...), Mike also has musical roots that span from jazz (he is the son and grandson of jazz musicians) to the 80's techno-pop his mother would play him as a baby!  He's studying Audio production and design, and hopes to go into making music for video games one day. But his real dream, apart from “pushing the boundaries of electronic music and how it's perceived”, would be to land a deal with Ninja Tune, of course. “I want to be just like my heroes. If I got signed to Ninja Tune, I'd feel like I've lived pretty close to a full life.”

In the meantime, his jamendo-acquired fame is a good start he's already more than happy with. “Jamendo opened an entirely new world to me that I never knew could exist, and it keeps getting bigger for me every day.”

Professor Kliq

Written by amelie

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