Fluydo vs. Fluido

Published on October 23 2008

Two bands, one name (or close). Now let's see what distinguishes these two Italian artists on jamendo...





From: Rome

Line-up: Anto & Miss Tico (music and production)

Musical style: Pretty broad. Trippy electro-rock with nods to dEUS, Morcheeba and soul music.

Past: Signed to an Italian indie label and released an album. Then started giving out their music for free, producing a new track every full moon: the “7 Fool Moons” project.

Latest news: Just released “7 Fool Moons Superbonusback” on October 14th (a full moon of course), containing 7 previously released songs plus remixes. Only available on Jamendo and on the band's website.

Why free music? "Witnessing the changes in the music biz, we started thinking there wasn't much sense in doing another CD.” Since they decided to give out free music, their audience has “increased enormously, and on a global scale!”

Why the name? Made up by producers with whom they worked. “There have been times we hated it and thought of changing it. But the name is not the most important thing in a band.”





From: Milan

Line-up: Dani (vocals), Morgana (guitar), Franz (guitar)

Musical style: Self-proclaimed “music to make love”, i.e. acoustic ballads taking after Simon & Garfunkel, Kings Of Convenience, David Gray...

Past: Played plenty of concerts around Italy, including to accompany a theater play about Charles Bukowksi.

Latest news: Currently recording their debut album, with a single coming out in December.

Why free music? “To reach a large number of people sharing the same musical tastes as us.”

Why the name? “In medieval Italy, they called 'fluido' a substance that gave warmth by passing from one body to another. We think music should do the same.”






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