Do-Up, ambassadors of Russian cool

Published on November 12 2008

As jamendo proudly launches its Russian version, let us present you one of the numerous cool bands from Russia that are already part of the community. Straight from the Ural capital of Ekaterinburg, the smooth, jazzy vibes of Do-Up will keep you warm this winter.


Fronted by pretty vocalist Karina Karinian, Do-Up has only been in existence for a couple of years. But all of its six members were experienced professionals beforehand, which explains how the band evolved so fast. “Our group consists of six enthusiasts who are trying to do something new for music”, explains Vadim Shukurov, in charge of samples, DJing and playing flute in the band, and also its founder.

 Do-Up has been managing alone to pursue a career, touring in all of Russia, organizing their own concerts (including pretty big ones, complete with string quartet and brass section), in spite of a Russian show business industry that “leaves much to be desired. TV and radio popularize short-lived pop musicians that are always in rotation. Really talented musicians are not supported. But the situation will get better.”

Uniting musicians that come from various musical backgrounds, Do-Up prides itself with being “a refreshing cocktail of jazz blended with the latest musical trends”, as well as elements of reggae, lounge and funk. Check out the live EP and 2006 demo that are available on jamendo to see for yourself. 

With its cool, classy music, the band has become a “constant guest” at fashion shows and other trendy events, and even had its own radio show “that has already become something of a cult”. Next on their agenda is a concert with the Ural Philharmonic orchestra. After that, they dream of finally touring Europe...


Written by amelie

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