Mountain Mirrors releases full catalog on jamendo

Published on December 9 2008

Mountain Mirrors founder Jeff Sanders has just announced that all three of the Mountain Mirrors LP’s (Dreadnought, Lunar Ecstasy and the self – titled Mountain Mirrors) are now available for free download on Jamendo. Speaking about this new offering Sanders states "Jamendo is awesome. It's got a great vibe... for an independent artist with almost no radio airplay or live shows, Creative Commons is crucial. And Jamendo makes it easy for people to download (and share) music with a clear conscience."

The Ripple Effect writes of Mountain Mirrors, "Imagine if you will, walking through a forest that's enshrouded in dense fog. Visibility is only a few hundred feet in any direction. Moisture glistening off of the surrounding foliage as your breath bellows from your mouth in a cloud of steam. The crunch of leaves and decay under every footstep being the only sound to accompany the animal-like howl of the wind. Kinda' creepy out here all alone, huh? That's the power of Mountain Mirrors self titled album." - The Ripple Effect

Albums :

Dreadnought (2008)

Self-Titled (2006 - recommended for first-time listeners)

Lunar Ecstasy (2004)

Musicians: Jeff Sanders with various guests - including drummers Peter Yttergren, Peter Generous, Magnus Brandell and Elad Fish, multi-instrumentalist Per Ulfhielm, bassists Phil Rohr and Guy Bartor, cellist Claire Fitch, keyboard master Oren Selas, and pianist Simon "Watto" Watson. They currently have three LP’s.

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