7ieben: some rocking Saxons

Published on December 22 2008


When it was created, eight years ago in Dresden, Germany, the band 7ieben had seven members, which made their choice of a band name pretty easy (“sieben” is German for seven). The twists and turns of student life reduced the line-up to just four, but that didn't keep the band from moving forward.

Nor from staying true to their music of choice: pure, unadulterated rock! Energetic, emotional, sincere, at times melodic, at times massive, at times even rude, often testosterone-heavy, but always well-crafted and sung in German. This is what German webzine powermetal.de had to say about them: “THE essential track on the album? I was going to scratch my head and recommend one, but all the songs are so cool that I can only tell you to listen to the WHOLE thing. Enjoy!”


7ieben's latest album, “Rock | Show” , is only available online. You'll also find on jamendo two singles that will give you a taste of the forthcoming album “Lupus und Lea” that the band is currently working on, due in the spring of 2009. A DVD, scheduled for the spring as well, is also in the works.

All this won't keep the band from gratifying their fans with a gift: on 26 December, 7ieben will take the stage at Hotel Backstage, a trendy Dresden club. They promise those attending exclusive songs taken from the new album, excerpts from the DVD, acoustic versions and even some anecdotes, all in a family-friendly atmosphere. There are still a few tickets left, if you're planning on spending the holidays in Saxony, available by email at vorverkauf@7ieben.de.