Jamendo cheekily joins the anti-piracy front!

Published on January 7 2009

Launched last tuesday in Paris with support from jamendo, the "Pirates Prisons Project" is inviting web users to invest in the creation of a vast real estate program that aims to build prisons for the millions of people guilty of exchanging files on the internet.

Acknowledging the multiplication in various countries of new laws punishing the download and sharing of music on the internet, a couple of creative entrepreneurs came up with the idea of the PPP, for Pirates Prisons Project, an organization that aims to fund the creation of hundreds, even thousands, of correctional facilities destined to lock up illegal file sharers. After all, real estate always was a safe bet in times of crisis...

The project is of course a purely sarcastic spoof; ironically, it first came to life a year ago at Midem, the international music industry trade show held every January in Cannes, on the French Riviera. It is officially supported by Hitmuse, VIPeers and Jamendo, with the intention to underline the absurdity of fighting file sharing, which is intrinsic to how the web functions. And to demand the establishment of a global license and the reform of copyright.

PPP uploaded a few videos explaining the project and encouraging web users to sign in.

Written by amelie

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