Amélie, probably not who you think

Published on January 8 2009

Its members are Italian, its name is French and its influences are British: this band is a real Euro-cocktail. But never mind all that: their music is good!

With an album, Be Low, published in February 2007, Amélie are definite old timers on jamendo. That explains in part their 85,000 listens and 5600 downloads; but of course the main reason for their popularity is simply because they make great music.


The five members of Amélie, hailing from the balsamic vinegar capital of the world, Modena, but having taken their band name from a popular French movie starring Audrey Tautou, claim numerous and various musical influences, but there's a couple of references they will all agree on, like The Beatles and Radiohead. The band has existed since 2006 and has toured extensively across Italy, opening for “several important Italian bands like Baustelle and Paolo Benvegnu, who also produced Be Low, which is our second album”, explains Valerio, who plays piano and guitar.

With positive feedback pouring in from the whole world (they even got a review in Spain's most prestigious daily, El País, a few weeks ago), Amélie are quite happy with what jamendo has brought them up to now. “The only thing we want is that the largest possible number of people listen to our music. We'll see about money later...”

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