Rock out to Depressive Art, win a single!

Published on January 13 2009

It's no secret Swedes can rock. This band not only gives additional confirmation that the statement is correct, they're nice guys, too: read below to learn how you can get them to send you their new single.

Depressive Art

Depressive Art was founded in 2003 in Gothenburg, the Swedish Liverpool of sorts. Up to now, they've done “pretty well for a small band! We've played nearly all the main music festivals in Sweden and we gig regularly, explains Marcus, the drummer. We signed a contract with Wonderland Records in 2006 for one album”, entitled Bye Bye Dear Everything, that has since then been published on jamendo.

With a sound largely inspired by 60s and 70s British rock (The Rolling Stones, The Who...), Depressive Art pursues a rich tradition of Swedish rock'n'roll fronted these last few years by The Hives, Soundtrack Of Our Lives or The Hellacopters. “But to be honest, we listen to everything from Eastern European jazz to death metal!”

Before they embark on a new tour of Sweden and some dates in the UK in April (“We love recording but our natural home is onstage”), the band has just put a final touch to some new songs. And guess what? They'll be happy to send their new single “Ticket To The New Sensation” (“we're very pleased with it!”) before it's uploaded to jamendo, along with an exclusive bonus track, to whoever sends them a private message explaining why you want to be the first to hear the song. Now that's what we call nice!

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