French Collective: stronger together than alone

Published on January 15 2009

Their name pretty much says it all: here is a bunch of French musicians who figured working together would be more efficient than alone. Not for fame, money or glory; just for the love of music.


“The artists who take part in French Collective have two main elements in common: to perpetuate our passion for music and a burning desire to share our compositions”, sums up Reynald, aka Moonove, one of those artists, who created the collective a couple of years ago along with his mate Med.

The idea was quite simple really: “I figured there were people among the French demoscene whose musical talent could be better exposed through a label than with their personal productions posted on their own website.” Musically, French Collective has no rules. You'll find electro, pop, folk and funk all mixed up on the 2 albums and one EP that are available on jamendo.

Moonove Med
Moonove Med

No rules regarding the rhythm of the releases either: “The musical production of this label is made under no pressure whatsoever; there's no calendar, just everyone's wishes and emotions.” With time, another project was launched: Demovibes, that aims to release compilations of the best of the French demoscene and through which they've organised several parties in Lyon and Marseilles.

For some of these artists, music is a hobby. For others, it's their livelihood. But all of them happen to work in the fields of multimedia and web-related businesses. No wonder this french collective is well connected.

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