Maya Filipič's piano keys to happiness

Published on January 19 2009

Slovenian born, having studied music in Germany and now settled in Northern Spain, Maya Filipič has been bumming around Europe almost as long as she's been playing the piano.

Maya Filipic

Encouraged at a very young age by a teacher to create her own compositions (“That experience remained in my blood somehow. None of the later teachers gave me the same push - all they cared about was strict Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and get me to play like a robot”), she puts her love of Chopin, Scriabin and Rachmaninov to good use with her inspired, delicate and soothing piano pieces.

For years, Maya has been working with others, be it as a choir singer, half of a piano duo or a co-author in several CD projects. Going solo is a new experience for her, that came to life when she recorded, with a little technical help from her partner, her first album Stories From Emona, last summer.

What you'll find on jamendo, Between Two Worlds, is a collection of works containing the album as well as previous compositions. It has been getting a phenomenal response ever since Maya uploaded it in August: with nearly 150,000 listens, it's among our five most popular albums at the moment. “I saw jamendo as a way to let people listen to my music and for me to know if they like it. And so far it seems they do.”