afmusic, letting your inner goth out

Published on January 21 2009

Afmusic is a netlabel and management agency based in Duisburg, Germany and specializing in indie, dark and goth rock bands. With almost their entire catalog available on jamendo, we warmly suggest you delve into it.


Falk Merten, the man behind afmusic, can be proud: since last March, he has managed to quit his day job and work full time for his label, that has come a long way since its inception in 2003 as an extension of his webradio, “afmusic only became an official indie/netlabel in 2008. We now have 22 bands on the roster, just made our 28th release and four more will follow this year.”

afmusic started out with local acts with whom Falk was friends with, basically: like All:my:faults, the second band on his roster, whose album Secrets released in 2006 was “a test to see if we could reach more listeners with free music.”

Since then, 'signings' to the label (mostly in the form of a simple handshake: “I think trust is more important than writing down dollar signs on paper”) have kept on steadily, with bands such as e:o:nity and Curious, both from Germany, Italian rockers The Transisters and Russian math-rock outfit The Forced Oscillations.

Available for free online, the music is also sold on CD. afmusic even has a distribution deal with one of Germany's biggest goth labels, Danse Macabre, covering several countries. But it's all Creative Commons nevertheless. “For me it's just important to create an image for the label, so that people can trust us to find music they might like.”

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