The two lives of Zero

Published on February 4 2009

A few years ago, this Berlin-based rock band's career was rapidly taking off, until it all fell apart. Now relocated in Paris and singing in French, Zero is taking a fresh start.


The son of a French diplomat, Adrien grew up all around the world. When he moved to Berlin in 2000, he was obsessed with making music. He put together a band and they recorded a demo, and from there, it was basically a rock'n'roll dream come true: within days, he got a message from EMI on his answering machine (the signing fell through when the A&R guy who'd left it was fired), then came a contract with a large German promoter, tours in in double decker bus, several record labels interested...

After two years though, it all fell through. The band lost its drummer and everything was over. Until one day, Adrien took his musical heritage based on the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Radiohead and tried translating it into French. “I recorded a new demo, and for the first time, I was proud.” Zero was back on track.

You can listen to that demo right here. “Jamendo played an important part in my decision to restart the band”, explains Adrien who left Berlin last October with his bass player Susanne. They relocated to Paris where they found a new drummer and started playing a few gigs. The band is currently working on more material, but most of all would like to play as much as possible. “There's nothing like a concert to really reach out to people.”

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