Jamendo Pro: an alternative to collective rights societies

Published on February 6 2009

We're proud to announce that we launched this week Jamendo Pro. Jamendo Pro is our platform for professionals who wish to use music from jamendo for their project, be it a film, DVD, ad, or because they need background music for a shop or restaurant.

That makes jamendo a real alternative to the traditional collective rights societies of the world (ASCAP, BMI, PRS, SOCAN, BUMA, etc.), which, when you think of it, is a little revolutionary, no less.

jamendo pro

If you're an artist and you're interested in getting involved (read: in getting your music exposed and possibly making money), go to your admin panel and check out our optional programs. Also don't forget to get your certifications sorted out (that's in the "your certification" menu).

Remember, jamendo will never license music from an artist without his prior consent, and imposes no exclusivity whatsoever.

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