Coehn & Foehrb, bringing the fun to German hip hop

Published on March 9 2009

They are barely over 20 but have been making music for 10 years. At the age of 12, Coehn was already performing on stage and inspiring his audience. But Coehn & Foehrb actually exists since they released their first EP "Mit der Schaufel aufs Ei" in 2007. In 2008 "Die Tugend von heute" was released and it is not just on jamendo that these guys from southwestern Germany who recently moved to Berlin are gathering fans.

Coehn & Foehrb

Their music is rap in german with complex lyrics that are "all serious. Very serious – but funny" because they are "full of puns and shuffled sentences". Listening to them once is not sufficient, "anyone understands what they wants... that's cool. " However, those who might not speak German can still enjoy the music (authentic, funky, old school hip hop), that's pretty cool, too.

On jamendo, you can find their two albums. And for the future, Coehn & Foehrb still plan to release their music for free. That's why they immediately wanted to try jamendo when one of their biggest fans told them about the site. They tried it out and it worked: "We produced the music and the users of jamendo found it somehow. We were delighted, because we did not expect anything. Of course, we wanted our music to reach many people. - it works – that's cool!"

For those who want to touch the music they are listening to, they are also offering a physical deluxe version of their latest album with three additional tracks. That's just what we always say: free music doesn't mean you can't make money with it!