"Internet is our friend and free music downloads are awesome!"

Published on March 10 2009

Today, we are presenting you another example of "selling free music". This new label from Utrecht, The Netherlands, was the first Dutch label to put its whole catalog under Creative Commons. Yes, you can download all their albums for free - some of them from jamendo.

Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck exists since May 2008. It was created when a couple of bands were looking to promote and distribute their music but were disappointed by the too restrictive rules of traditional labels. They wanted to sell their music but still make it available for free on the internet and keep full control over everything.

So they founded their own label, that tries to use all the possibilities internet offers without being a netlabel. They focus on releasing physical albums on CD or vinyl, because, as explains Boudewijn, one of the creators of Beep! Beep!, "we want to be able to see, feel and smell our albums and give them a nice little spot in our collection."

The Walt

So you can download but also buy their albums for very reasonable prices here or in quality record stores in Holland. At the moment, Beep! Beep! has in its roster six bands making indie rock, pop, punk... On jamendo, you'll find four albums (Kismet - Hiatus, The Walt - Something We Did Not Have, Various Artists - Behold My Puny Bears, Vol. I, Paper Tiger - Everyone Here). The last two of them freshly released today. Keep your ears out for more!