When electro meets metal...

Published on March 11 2009

What happens if on jamendo artists stop doing just their own thing and meet each other to mix their styles all together? Something really great can come out of it! Such as the second volume of loyal jamendo member Stouffi the Stouves' Featuring Project, released yesterday.


For the second time, Stouffi (otherwise doing his electro stuff as Eclectek) released an album with electro instrumentals, inviting artists on jamendo to use them as they want to create something new.

"The challenge is to start from the same material and according to one's own musical universe to create very different and varied tracks. In this regard, the participants really impressed me", says Stouffi about The Featuring Project Vol.2. Since yesterday, you can form your own opinion on this project here.

This project is also a great example of how Creative Commons and jamendo make it possible for artists to work together via the internet and inspire each other. No problems with copyright: the whole project is under the same licence and "it's completely free. What counts is the fun and the creativity."

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