Back to zero and full speed ahead!

Published on March 16 2009

For the second time in one week, we are presenting to you not just one artist but a whole label. Modifythevan was founded in Hackney, East London, and has been for almost ten years already "a vehicle for producing theatre, film and music events but is now a fledgling Creative Commons record label" putting out great acoustic folk-pop-rock music.


Actually, Robin Grey thought "a little celebratory relaunch might be fun and a good excuse to put together a compilation CD of some of our artists and make a bit of noise about what we are up to." Those artists are Robin Grey himself, Blue Swerver, Madelaine Hart, The Jonny Berliner Band and Richard Godwin. They are all friends or have worked together.

And it's quite probable they will go on doing so and offer on jamendo their freshest albums. As Robin puts it: "It has been good to find a community of people who want to discover new music and appreciate the vision of the Creative Commons licenses."


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