Three strikes vs. three thanks

Published on March 23 2009

After the UK and New Zealand, France is considering a so-called "three strikes" law to fight illegal file-sharing on the internet. Here at jamendo, we of course support free and legal music downloads, which is why we are launching a "Thanks for downloading" campaign!

The French parliament is currently debating a new law, dubbed "Hadopi", that would warn illegal downloaders that they better stop, by sending them an e-mail,  followed by a letter, and eventually go as far as cutting off their internet connection. Hence the "three strikes" denomination. The UK and New Zealand decided not to impose such a strict punishment and pulled back on the cutting-off element, while German authorities stated that depriving people of their internet connection was just too much. But in France, the government is strongly backing this law, and debates are heating up.

In order to make an ironic yet serious statement in the middle of these important discussions, jamendo has decided to reverse the logic of the proposed law by thanking web users for downloading music. We will therefore send a thank you e-mail to anyone who downloads one of the 200.000 tracks currently available on jamendo, encouraging them to share the music with their friends.

Second strike: jamendo will send a thank you letter along with an "accomplice kit" (containing stickers and documentation about jamendo) to the most active downloaders, to help them promote jamendo artists and free music in general.

As for the most active of its users, instead of cutting off their connection, jamendo will actually reimburse them a month's worth of their internet service subscription! This is for every person who will manage to convince a public place (bar, restaurant, shop, hotel...) to become a "free culture spot" by resorting to our Jamendo PRO service for their background music. Learn more about this.

Jamendo wants to demonstrate that there are plenty of talented artists who know how to profit from the opportunities offered by the internet and embrace innovative monetization models. Their first fans should be thanked, not punished.

Sylvain ZIMMER, creator of Jamendo
press (at)

Written by amelie

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