The Wind Whistles all around the world

Published on March 30 2009

The Wind Whistles are Liza and Tom from Vancouver, Canada, occasionally joined by various friends on their albums. And what comes out when all these friends make music together is indie-folk suitable for nights sitting at the campfire, relaxed but not boring.

The Wind Whistles

They recorded their first album Window Sills in 2008 and subsequently went on tour across Europe, the UK and Canada during which they were even invited to play at a Czech breakfast TV show.

Since touring is such great fun, the next tour is already scheduled: from late May they will be touring Germany and then continue in Canada (you can find the dates here). And after that? "We have dreams of touring so many parts of the world and are considering South America for next year. Japan would be nice too."

That makes for many occasions to sell their CD with its 28-page booklet made with love, that you can also purchase here and their T-shirts that "are a life saver!"