A big break for Jamendo in Australia!

Published on April 16 2009

The professional extension of jamendo, Jamendo Pro, offers commercial licenses for professional uses of our ever-growing music catalog. Unlike downloads for private uses, those licenses are not free, which makes Jamendo Pro a great, new, non-exclusive revenue source for independent artists who choose Creative Commons licenses to publish their music.

Supercheap Auto

Jamendo Pro just had a big break in Australia and New Zealand by striking a deal with Supercheap Auto, a chain of 256 auto parts stores spread across both countries. From now on, all the music you can hear in Supercheap Auto stores is provided by jamendo and the work of unsigned, up and coming artists from around the world. These artists are also not members of any performance rights society, which means Supercheap Auto no longer has to pay any fees to APRA-AMCOS.

Thank you Supercheap Auto for trusting jamendo. We're thrilled to see our professional offer of Creative Commons-licensed music gradually take over the world!

Written by amelie

Published on #News