Free Music Charts and Jamendo

Published on May 12 2009

GUEST POST from Sven @ Free Music Charts

There exists a lot of really great music on the internet, especially, of course, on Jamendo. The hard thing is to find the artists you like in among all those releases. Especially for people new to the concept of open music this is a massive problem.

The aim of the Free Music Charts is to solve this issue by providing a monthly netradio chart show with only open music on Darkerradio.

It all began in 2007, as Falk Merten, founder of Afmusic, started presenting open songs in his blog, a new one each day. Readers were able to rate each one, resulting in a Top 10 for each month. This lasted for a whole year.

In 2008, after a pause of a few months, Sven Krohlas adopted the show with changed rules. Now five newcomers and the Top 15 from last month take part in the voting. Every listener can chose up to five songs from those 20 to vote for. The problem of creating the first Top 15 was solved by a voting with the 2 best rated songs from each month in 2007. To complete the charts system a song is replaced by a new one after it has been in the charts for six months.

We are now in 2009 and quite happy about the listener feedback.
Several thousand people per month download the podcasts of the radio shows and currently more than 300 of those actually casttheir votes. Also, the charts have been integrated into Amarok, the leading free
music player for Linux. Isn't it great to see how closely open projects can work together?

So if you are interested in open music, and I bet you are, check out the current charts. The site is in German but should be quite easy to understand: scroll down for the songs, links to albums and artists on jamendo and don't forget to cast your five votes right at the bottom.

Written by amelie

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