20,000 albums? We can hardly believe it!

Published on May 25 2009

20000 albums

Well, it seems like just a few months ago we were celebrating 10,000 albums published on jamendo and this weekend we passed the 20,000 album mark!

Actually, it was 11 months ago to be precise. Look at it this way and you'll understand why we're the first to be impressed with the figures: it will have taken jamendo 3 years to gather 10,000 albums, and then just under one year later, that number has doubled!

It's pretty safe to say we're going strong. And even safer to say it's all thanks to you: artists, members and everyone contributing to spread the word of free music!

So, who's placing bets on reaching the 30,000 mark?

Eight months? Six?...

Written by amelie

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