New on jamendo: buy collector's items!

Published on May 26 2009


This is a brand new feature we just released: artists can now create their own Virtual Shop on jamendo and sell all kinds of goodies and rarities to their fans. Think albums in high definition sound, booklets in pdf or concert posters to download. But they can also be physical objects or even Action goodies for which the artists commit to come play at your house, invite you backstage, have dinner with you or whatever they come up with.

All this against a small fee. Or not so small. The artists alone decide what to sell, set their price, and the money will go straight to their pockets. Go check out the first available rarities here!

This just in: the very first Rarity item has just been sold today (29 May). It's the album "Personnel" by Tom La Mèche. Congratulations to him!