A jamendo experiment in Slovenia

Published on June 15 2009

A law student and GNU/Linux buff from Ljubljana, Slovenia, Matija is also a fan of jamendo. A few weeks ago, when his external hard drive crashed, causing him to lose his entire music collection, he had an idea: “I thought, 'heck, if I'm happier with free software, let's see if I can live with free music as well!'” So he came up with The (Great) Jamendo Experiment: “to live with only free music for at least a full month and survive.”

This being a real human experience, he decided he'd report about it weekly on his website, sharing his musical findings and letting people know if listening to all-jamendo music all the time was a viable choice. 

Well guess what: more than 6 weeks later, he's still at it and quite happy at that. “Quite fast I realised that jamendo is full of great artists! I decided to prolong the experiment until further notice and write reports as time permits.”

So far, Matija reports the discovery of about two dozen artists he really liked, including The Very Sexuals, Grace Valhalla, Jimmy The Hideous Penguin and Elektronoid.


Written by amelie

Published on #Initiatives