Shop for original collectors' items on jamendo!

Published on June 17 2009

As we mentioned recently, jamendo has created a space where artists can sell collectors' items to their fans. In these virtual shops, the most obvious things you can buy are special editions of their albums or high definition downloads. But some artists have gotten creative... Here are a few examples worth a look.

Want to learn to play Rob Costlow's sweet melodies? Why not do it directly from his score sheets: Rob will let you do just that, at €12 for 4 sheets. At that price, piano buffs have no reason to hold back.


You might not play the piano, but surely you can appreciate the beauty of an elaborate image. Binary Mind is selling photomontages printed on canvas, with impressive colors and creative angles.

binary mind

Even more creative is VS's offer to perform in your living room! The band will come and play a semi-acoustic showcase just for you, for only €300 (plus travel expenses of course). An unforgettable experience for sure...

Finally, the quirkiness award goes to Sebkha-Chott, from whose virtual shop you can purchase, against €1500, a visit from the band's bass player and infamous dictator Wladimir Ohrelianov. He will come over to your place and give a 4 minute speech. Now you don't want to miss out on that...

sebkha chott

As you can see, some artists are coming up with some pretty crazy stuff in their virtual shops: two thumbs up from us!

Written by amelie

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