Recorded on Dutch TV, available on jamendo!

Published on August 31 2009

The Black Atlantic is an acoustic indie pop band from Groningen, Netherlands. A few months ago they took part in the TV show "In A Cabin With". The show's concept is as simple as it's great: every two months, one or more Dutch musicians are invited to travel to somewhere in the world to record an album in collaboration with local musicians.

The show will start airing in September; up to now, the invited musicians have travelled to Thailand, New York, Ottawa and Sweden. Once the albums are mixed and mastered, they are available for free download on the show's website, and the CDs are distributed by the famous label V2 (now a branch of Universal).

The Black Atlantic were lucky enough to be selected for the show, and went on to record in a log cabin in the Adirondack mountains, near New York, last fall. The album, which fans of Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver are bound to like, is now finished and ready, and the band's label, jamendo favorites Beep Beep Back Up The Truck, even managed to negotiate with V2 to release it under a Creative Commons license!

So here it is, on jamendo, for your listening (and downloading) pleasure:

You can see videos of the recording sessions here.

Written by amelie

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