Shoot'em up on the rythm!

Published on March 10 2010

Leading iPhone game publisher, Chillingo, announced the launch of Radio Flare REDUX for iPhone and iPod touch. Developed by Austria-based indie developer studio radiolaris, the game is a stylized side-scrolling shoot-’em-up featuring groundbreaking music and multi-touch gameplay.



Radio Flare REDUX combines shoot-‘em-up gameplay with a revolutionary soundtrack which affects the game itself. Enemies move in time to the music, while your ship’s attacking capability is also based on the rhythmic beat. The space ships in Radio Flare REDUX are easily controlled by either Drag or Joystick options, which lets players careen their way through space dodging bullets while taking out opponents.



Every aspect of Radio Flare REDUX is hardwired to the pulse pounding soundtrack of licensed techno, club and house music from an A-list roster of internationally renowned DJs and dance artists. The playlist including artists from Jamendo like Revolution Void or Binärpilot.

Written by marc

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