Free! Music! Contest 2010

Published on July 1 2010

To promote Creative Commons-licensed music and the musicians behind them, Musikpiraten e.V. comes back this year with the Free! Music! Contest.

Until the end of July, musicians and bands releasing their art under a Creative Commons license could subscribe on the website of the association for the contest. Until August 22th there will be an additional remix-phase: the participating artists are invited to submit single stems or acapellas in addition to the individual audio tracks. By submitting individual tracks or the submission of music videos, the chance to be on the sampler will increase - but just a little bit.

A panel of music bloggers, artists and netlabel enthusiast will decides who will be promoted on the Free! Music! Sampler 2010. It will be available as a free download and also pressed on CD. The highlight of the Free! Music! Contests will be on October 2nd in a party at the Wiesbaden Kreativfabrik.



Free! Music! Contest 2009

In 2009, nearly 60 artists, mainly from germany but also from other european countries, the U.S. and Brazil, filed Creative Commons-licensed music for Free! Music! Contest. The published compilation presents a wide selection of music style: german punk, english rock, electro, jazz and modern piano music, almost everything is available.

Despite a price of 2.50 € and a free download option, all 1000 CDs have been given away. On the publication day the sampler has been downloaded only at more then 1,500 times!



Musikpiraten e.V.

Musikpiraten e.V. is a registered non-profit association whose purpose is to promote free culture with emphasis on music as an artistic mean of expression. To achieve these objectives, the association organizes and supports events and opereates the

On the website, the association regularly presents bands and musicians who have released their works for free. Each month a creative commons licensed film is presented and shared. In addition, many projects are presented, which can help creatives to make their works more easily accessible to the public, so as to increase their awareness. Last but not least, current news from the world of free culture are published.