Ready to party with Los Sundayers!

Published on July 9 2010

It smells holiday and Los Sundayers arrives with their second album “Cógelo”, This Spanish collective plays an energetic music, a mix between reggae, ska, funk and all the styles each member will bring out. Always ready to party, you could see them everywhere in Spain and maybe in Europe in the next months.



  • You are a big band! How many people are you and where are you from?

We are ten musicians right now! But with a good compression we can adapt our show to any stage, haha! And we compose and do our reharsals in Madrid, Spain.



  • What is the function of each one?

Carlos drums, Areta percussion (congas, pailas), Barto bass guitar, César electric guitar, Lita keyboards, Ana trombone, Pablo trumpet, María voice, Belén voice, Dani voice. Also, we share others functions in the band as backline organization, vans hiring, management, merchandising...



  • How did you choose the name of the band?

In Spain the real sundayer are peoples who go to the countryside, but only by car and during the weekend, and in many cases don´t respect enough the nature. We changed the term to give it a party connotation because we love traveling but enjoying and respecting the nature and with a further ecological vision.



  • How would you describe your music?

It´s impossible!! we love too many styles, so we play all we like: reggae, ska, funk, swing, latin, rock, balkan...Maybe fusion it´s an appropriate term, but we don´t like labels. The only thing that´s sure it´s that is music to dance and to get good feelings.



  • Who makes the choices about the song? Who makes the composition and the lyrics?

It´s a hard work, we do the choices all together, but the original idea of a new song always is brought by one of us, and not always the same one. The lyrics, depending on the song, are composed in origin by the three singers, Barto and Ana. Later other members change some words or phrases to adapt the melodies or because they have better ideas to add to some parts.



  • Are you some professional musicians? Are you in tour all the year? Do you play in other countries?

Not now. Some members studied music but not professionally. The band was formed with the idea of enjoy music traveling and discovering places and people. We know that is very difficult to live of our music right now, so we try to have good moments with it and make the audience dance and enjoy our songs.

Right now we have between 20-25 five shows in a year but only in Spain. We have the idea of traveling around Europe this autumn and winter, so we are looking for european management because we know that it's very expensive to bring ten musicians to Europe and for us it’s too difficult to book dates.



  • Where did you make your best concert?

We have very good remains in some concerts. We played in two street shows in the Barceloneta beach, with  peoples who were walking at the street, stopping to watch our spectacle and getting surprised. Also we played at the doors of the Viñarock festival, one of the most important open air festival in Spain.



  • Can you explain what is AE Distro and how do you work with them?

We worked with them from 2007 to 2009. They distributed our first album, "Eterno Domingo". They are a copyleft discography that publishes bands under Creative Commons licenses and make booking for some others too. Right now we autopublished everything because we don´t have the money to work with them and we prefer to be absolutely independent, only publishing our album on internet.



  • If you could make a show or song with one artist  or band, who would you choose?

The Cat Empire will be great!! It’s one of our principal influence.



  • What's your next project?

Try to play in other countries and begin to compose our third album this autumn.



  • A word to finish?

Listen and download our album!! We think that the culture needs to be free and we are sure that you will enjoy our "Cogelo!" album!! And, if it´s possible, try to bring us to your country to play!!

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