Artists : more money with your goodies

Published on August 25 2010

From now on, put 15% more in your pocket with your shop! The Jamendo's commission has decreased from 30%+2€ to 15%+1€ on each product, allowing you to increase your income significantly.

Following your requests, the minimum price of all the goodies has been reduced to 5 €.

So don't wait no more to put your goodies online. With the removal of moderation, your products will be directly integrated into your store and available on Jamendo.

Just a precision: the goodies WAV / Flac which are not sold after six months will be deactivated. You can always offer them to someone to keep them active!

For those who haven’t yet created their shop, it’s till time to do it. Go to your administration panel in the "Your Store" menu.

Written by marc

Published on #News