Sing with a chance to win $25,000

Published on September 7 2010


Enter the YOBISing contest with a chance to win $ 25,000. The YOBISing contest spread throughout the whole year with a simple principle : just load your video and earn up to vote to get to the semifinals. Go to the site, register and upload your video presentation.

The content of the video must meet the TV13 requirement as set forth by YOBI. After the initial 35 weeks of voting for semi finalists, the semi final rounds will occur, in which 15 semifinalists will compete until a winner is chosen. Contest Entries are accepted at all times of the year, and the more submissions we have, the more money that will make its way into the YOBISing prize pot.

Be sure to signup at YOBI, then enter the YOBISing Season Three Contest.