Ten Questions with My Bubba & Mi

Published on October 18 2010

My Bubba & Mi is a folk-based trio whose simple, yet beautiful, songs will captivate you.  Hailing from Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, the three girls write and perform what they like to fittingly call "lullabies from the countryside."  Read the interview, listen to the songs and fall in love with My Bubba & Mi.


My Bubba & Mi


Ten Questions with My Bubba & Mi


  1. Tell us how three girls from three different countries – Iceland, Denmark and Sweden – found each other and realized that together, you formed something special.

My: I was living in Copenhagen, going to circus school, and Bubba answered my add for a room for rent in my apartment. I liked her in a mysterious way, and she moved in. While she was unpacking her boxes I was doing the dishes in the kitchen, singing, and she came out to me and asked me to sing with her on a song she was writing. I had never written a song before but Bubba got me started that way, after we spent some afternoons and evenings singing together (mostly humming harmonies over her guitar). Mia moved in too and we thought her organ could be a nice lively addition to our sleepy couch melodies. It was. We played some shows just to see if people liked it, and they did. We had a hunch they would. In a mysterious way.



  1. You've spent quite a bit of time in Italy performing and recording your music.  Did your time in Italy influence your music or outlook in any way?  What are your biggest influences?

MBM: Musically probably not so much, but our lovely gorgeous times there have definitely encouraged us to keep making and playing music. Our influences are mainly old country, blues, bluegrass, gospel and soul. There are some living artists that we really appreciate, but most of our heroes are sadly dead and gone.



  1. You girls handmade every album cover, making each one a unique piece of art – that is truly amazing and a testament to how important your fans are to you.  The three of you obviously have a lot of creativity – do any of you have any other artistic hobbies you are passionate about other than music?

Bubba: My is an actress & artist (visual & literary) and I am a bento box pro and graduating as a graphic designer this spring. Ida (who joined on stand up bass after Mia was kidnapped by a rock n' roll band) is an amazing cook. We like to dance a lot and are collecting old dresses - My is making a museum someday. Among other things. The list is quite long.



  1. What is your songwriting process?  Do the three of you write all your music together or is there one particular songwriter in the group?

MBM: The majority of the lyrics are My's, and the rest is Bubba's. We usually come to each other with a sketch for a song, or one has a melody, the other has a text, and then we just put them together together and finish it off as a song.



  1. Where do you currently live?  Are you still roommates?

MBM: Bubba is in Iceland, Ida is in Denmark, and My is in Sweden, or somewhere in between. We are roommates when we are all at the same place, except Ida who lives on her boat.



  1. What is the best part of being musicians and what is the biggest challenge?

MBM: The best part - ooh - is probably the wonderful way of traveling, being on tour meeting wonderful people every day and seeing funny foreign things through our music. But the core of that is how music and songwriting is a genius way to spend time, alone or with others. There is such simple comfort and joy and outlet and expression in it (compared to TV and the internet, for example), which is how and why we started, and keep going. The biggest challenge is not so big but has to do with coping with the business side of music and making good decisions, being street smart and putting up with boring important things sometimes.



  1. What one song on your album do you think represents you best as artists and why?

My: uhm.

Bubba: Can't really say.. Would be like choosing your favorite child somehow



  1. The photographs on your website are fantastic and really capture your style.  Have you made any videos as well or do you plan to in the near future?

MBM: Oh yes, you just wait.



  1. Did any of you have formal music training while growing up?

MBM: No...well, Bubba took some guitar classes in her early teens but never practiced and gave it up.



  1. What is one thing about you that you would like your jamendo fans to know?

MBM: That we like them liking us and we hope to see them all some day and sing them to sleep.


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