Ten Questions with Nanowar

Published on October 25 2010

Combine humorous lyrics, limitless creativity and true heavy metal talent, and you've got Nanowar. The Rome-based metal band recently published their newest album, Into the Gay Pride Ride, on jamendo, which is their second album to be offered on the site. Their fans have had nothing but love for their new music so click here to listen for yourself, and read on to learn more about the band and laugh...


nanowar into the gay pride ride


10 Questions with Nanowar


  1. Describe Nanowar using five words or less.
    Baffo: Tutorial
    Gatto: Jinglebells
    Abdul: Permafrost

    Potowotominimak: Mild Aphrodisiac
    UinonaRaider: Spazioblast

  2. You are currently based in Rome – are all five members of Nanowar Italian? How did you meet?
    Gatto: I am actually based in Madrid, the capital of Indonesia. My mother comes from Minnesota (Uzbekistan) and my father from Bogota, near Milan, from forefathers of south Swedish descent - the definition of my ethnicity is still quite problematic. We met tomorrow, at the funeral of Notorious B.I.G.
    Potowotominimak: I'm from Azerbaijan, country of a thousand broken dreams, flowing away in an endless sea at the edge of self-confidence. We met in the backyard of Westminster Abbey.

  3. The words to your music is humorous and very original – who in the group pens your lyrics and where do they draw their inspiration?
    Baffo: My personal inspiration comes from my pulmonary respiration. This help me to stay alive - if I don't do that, I'm gonna die!
    Gatto: My inspiration comes from within, from the depths of my bowels. I get inspired every time I have lunch - after a few hours, the product of my inspiration comes to reality, sitting on a ceramic throne. That's what I call "second hand food production."

  4. Are any members of the group involved in musical projects outside of the metal genre?
    Abdul: Yes, I play in a band called "Steel of Iron of the Dragon Power Flame," whose most known song is "Dragon of Iron of the Flame Power Steel." Apart from this I write, sing and play my own songs recorded in my home studio, but it is not a metal project - just rock.
    Potowotominimak: You can hear it in our album: I playstation.

  5. You have been lucky enough to tour around Europe several times. Which is your favorite European city to perform in and which fans have the best energy at your shows?
    Baffo: Switzerland, for the king, for the land, for the mountain.

  6. Tell us about your new album! How is “Into Gay Pride Ride” different from or similar to your previous albums?
    Abdul: It is different from the previous album, in the fact that it is not the same.
    Baffo: About your new album! How is "Into Gay Pride Ride" different from or similar...sorry my mistake.
    Gatto: It has mainly two different things: the cover and the title.

    Potowotominimak: I'm proud of the new generations, which against all odds keep listening to our albums, despite the reactionary heavy metal lobbies, which are trying to boycott our art.
    UinonaRaider: This new stuff is different, really. More snare reverb and guitar mid-pitch. Also new haircut!

  7. Who comes up with the concepts for your album cover art and who actually draws them?
    Abdul: Giorgio Armani.
    Baffo: Leonardo Da Vinci.
    Potowotominimak: Potowotominimak...this is a serious answer!!! :(

  8. Do you have any upcoming tours planned or new videos in the works to support your new release?
    Abdul: We planned a new video in the works to support the new release of any upcoming tour which will start tomorrow at 10 o'clock and will finish yesterday at 26 pm.
    Potowotominimak: No, we haven't.

  9. How has the band evolved in the seven years you've been together?
    Abdul: At the beginning we were all dinosaurs...you know how it ended...
    Gatto: Yes, for example, when we started we all had long hair, now we cut them. Evolution = less hair (see e.g. monkeys and human beings).
    Baffo: we evolved like "Pokemon evolution".

  10. What is one thing you'd like your Jamendo fans to know about the band?
    Abdul: The secret is in the mozzarella.
    Gatto: That there's a secret button in Jamendo called "donate to the band". Yes, you can actually do it!
    Baffo: I don't have pants.

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